Reusable Food Storage Wraps

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Product: Reusable Food Storage Wraps
brand: Abeego
Retailer: Branch Home

Say goodbye to plastic wrap! Abeego is a natural, reusable food storage solution made entirely with materials that are biodegradable and sustainable. Abeego Snack, Wrap, and Square are created in a 13-stage process and are easy to use and clean.

Snack is a triangular pocket that folds flat for easy cleaning; it is designed to hold nuts, crackers, veggies and dried fruit for on-the-go energy for kids and adults. Snack is sold individually, and is available with Blue or Green stitching.

Wrap is sized for sandwiches, fruit and larger items – just roll the sides toward your food for a perfect fit. Wrap is sold individually, and is available with Blue or Green stitching.

Square includes three pieces designed to be used like plastic food wrap to cover dishes or wrap a cut piece of fruit or vegetable. They're perfect for storing cheese. Each of the three pieces in Square features a different stitching color: a set includes one each of Purple, Blue, and Green.

Abeego was designed by a woman with a background in holistic nutrition and concerned with her plastic consumption. She wanted an all-natural way to preserve food. She looked to traditional food storage methods and after much trial and error, Abeego was born.

manufacture: Handcrafted by Abeego in Canada

materials: 55% hemp/45% cotton fabric, infused with beeswax and plant extracts. Beeswax is antibacterial, hemp fabric is antifungal and the plant extracts used have antimicrobial properties. All materials are FDA-approved for food contact.

Snack: holds more than 1/2 cup
Wrap: 13″ x 15″ unfolded
Square: One of each size: 7″ square, 10″ square, 13″ square