Reefer Sailcloth Cushions

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Product: Reefer Sailcloth Cushions
Color: White

Reefer Sailcloth Cushions

Our cushions are usually made from dinghy or windsurf sails, hang glider or microlight wings. The lighter fabric is well suited to make cushions which can be used indoors, outdoors and on the boat. Using these sources allows us to offer a huge range of fantastic colours which we use as a base detail in our Colour Collection range. If you want a totally unique item we usually have some limited edition or funky colour combinations available in our Gallery Collection.

All feature our ’09’ logo which states the provenance of the sail. On the rear the cushion is kept closed with our signature reefing eye with cotton cord bow, allowing the pad to removed if the outer needs cleaning. One corner incorporates a nickel plated grommet with batten bungee or cord detail should you want to hang it up. If we’ve used a wing this may feature a plastic batten end cap – we recycle those too!