Redecker Goat Hair Round Dust Brush

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Product: Redecker Goat Hair Round Dust Brush
Retailer: Crate & Barrel

Handcrafted in Germany by the Redecker family of artisan brushmakers, this thoughtfully designed brush uses silky natural goat-hair bristles to sweep away dust without scratching fine furniture or glass surfaces. The contoured pearwood handle is a pleasure to hold, honed to ergonomically fit the hand and finished with a leather hanging loop. This brush will stand the test of time with proper care, needing only a gentle shampoo.

Blind since the age of four, Friedrich Redecker attended the Soest School for the Blind where he learned the fine art of brushmaking. Having perfected the craft over his lifetime, Redecker went on to found his namesake company in 1935, passing his knowledge to his sons who have continued his legacy. Distinguished by the finest craftsmanship and the integrity of all-natural materials, our curated Redecker collection will serve you and your family for years and generations to come.

  • Handcrafted in Germany by the Redecker family of artisan brushmakers
  • Natural Chinese goat hair
  • Pearwood handle
  • Maintain handle periodically with linseed oil
  • Genuine leather hanging loop
  • Wash in lukewarm water with mild shampoo, wrap in towel and press excess water; hang to air dry
  • Goat hair may be brushed with a fine metal comb when dried
  • Lay flat or hang to store
  • Made in Germany