Red Sugar Bowl

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Product: Red Sugar Bowl
brand: Leiria
Color: Red

Red Sugar Bowl

“As you know, at KIOSK we have a knack for creating a network of locals to direct, guide, tip us off on all sorts of things, it is something we love to do. The Portuguese people were very helpful, I assume because they really do like their country and care about it and want to help it do well. Do you know how exciting that is to be around? It's magnetic. The sugar bowl was tipped off to us by Rosa Pomar, thanks! It was first produced sometime between 1955-1964 and is made by one of the last melamine producers in Europe. While we were touring the factory they pointed out to me melamine made in Europe is a totally different quality standard from what is produced in Asia. It's very important to them you know this. In fact most of what they make is very important to them as it is a small, family operation. I love the fins as handles and the cherry red color. Dipping my spoon into it in the morning it says, “Hello, wake up!” in the most friendly way possible. It's a little flying saucer.

This object is the Portuguese version of the American fluted glass sugar container with the metal lid we used to find in diners. This one used to be everywhere as well. Getting harder and harder to find.” -Alisa Grifo, Kiosk