Red Rubin Basil

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Product: Red Rubin Basil
Color: Purple

Red Rubin Basil has one of the darkest leaves, a deep purple-red with hints of bronze. It can be used like other basils but has added ornamental value because of the unique foliage, and its compact bushy habit. The color of Red Rubin Basil makes a lovely accent to salads, dressings, or with fresh tomatoes. It is also delicious in marinara sauces. Use Red Rubin to make herbed vinegar – it turns the vinegar the most lovely shade of magenta!

  • botanical name: Ocimum basilicum var.
  • annual
  • height 18-24″
  • spacing 12-18″ apart, in rows 12-18″ apart
  • full sun tolerant, partial shade
  • average soil
  • uses in garden: as a border, great in containers, cut foliage, fragrant
  • use in salads, with fresh tomatoes, herb vinegars, in marinara sauces