Recycled Glass Pitcher & Tumblers

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Product: Recycled Glass Pitcher & Tumblers
Color: Clear
Retailer: Food52

No two of these glasses or pitchers are the same, so they feel extra special: Once the reclaimed glass is melted down, artisans then attach a blob of molten glass to the end of a long, hollow pipe. They then puff into the pipe and blow the molten glass into the desired shape–either a glass or pitcher. Tiny imperfections, such as variable thickness and shape, bubbles and flowing colors, are reminders that Mexican blown glass is made by real people. What some people see as a flaw, others see as a beautiful, handmade detail (we’re in the latter group).

  • Made in: Mexico
  • Made of: Recycled glass
  • Size: Each tumbler is around 3.25″ in diameter x 4.5″ H (holds 16 ounces); the pitcher is around 6″ in diameter x 9″ H (holds 54 ounces).

Priced at $44.00 each, the set is for $82.00