Reclaimed Cypress Chicken Coop

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Product: Reclaimed Cypress Chicken Coop
Retailer: Peg and Awl

An extravagant coop for our feathered pals.

This coop will be constructed of reclaimed Cypress, primarily from 19th century buildings. Cypress is exceptionally durable outdoors and has natural insect resistance. We will use a variety of wood for the interior including Cypress, Redwood, Cedar which are all great for outdoor use.

This design is based upon the chicken arc and can be lifted by two people using the handles for easy movement around the yard. Although manageable, the coop is not light – as it is built from solid wood and super enduring.

Includes 2 roosts across the top interior part of the coop and a removable ladder (for easier clean up) that leads to both the roosts and the nesting box.

Double doors lead to the general interior and make for easy cleaning. A small door is located in the nesting area for easy access to eggs. A chicken wire door opens upward and leads to the outer area of the still enclosed coop. All doors close with a simple turning wooden latch.

This coop will comfortably fit 3 hens. 4 if 1 or more are Bantams.