Ready Made Shade Sails

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Product: Ready Made Shade Sails
Retailer: Shade Sails

Stock Sails Ready to Ship (These are our own brand not coolaroo which are made in China)
Get Creative with these stock tensioned fabric shades. More available colors than any stock size Shade Sails on the market.
No Seams!
To achieve that taut tensile fabric look, you need to start out with a sail that is properly made and installed correctly. Don't be fooled by catalogue sails that hang limp. These Shade Sails are of our own manufacture and are not available anywhere else. Our Sails Now Use a Higher Rated UV Blocking Fabric, Stronger Corner Rings, And a Double Row of Locking Stitch (not a chain stitch used by our competitors). Our own special made wide fabric means No Seams! Our Ready Made Sails now pass the NFPA 702 tests for flame resistance. Also, look at the hardware “they” offer, then look at ours. Our hardware is intended for tension loads and is load rated. Their's are intended for a picnic. We have pull tested our sails at over a ton of force. Combined with our “load rated” hardware the systems we offer are designed to give you a trouble free installation. These are serious tensioned fabric structures not a picnic tarp!!

Prices range from $159.95 to $394.95