Ranarp Wall / Clamp Spotlight, Off-White

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Product: Ranarp Wall / Clamp Spotlight, Off-White
Retailer: Ikea
brand: Ikea

You can easily aim the light where you need it because the lamp head is adjustable. For instance, you can direct the light on the book you are reading, use it as an uplighter or aim it to focus on a specific area in the room.The lamp is lightweight and easy to move anywhere you need it. And it simply clamps firmly in place.

  • Shade: Steel, Powder coating
  • Nut/ Shade holder/ Tube/ Support bracket/ Fixing device/ Mounting bracket: Steel, Paint
  • Joint: Steel
  • Cord anchorage: Polycarbonate plastic
  • Bracket: Zinc, Paint
  • Sleeve: Stainless steel
  • Ring/ Cable hanger: Reinforced polyamide plastic
  • Clip: Steel, Chrome-plated
  • Bolt/ Adjustment nut: Steel, Nickel-plated
  • 40x30x192 cm
  • Diameter: 34 cm