RAIS Rondo Woodburning Stove

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Product: RAIS Rondo Woodburning Stove
Color: Black, Gray
Retailer: Harbor Farm

The Rondo is a “New Generation” RAIS, but it adheres to the design concept of the original stoves. In many ways, it has the best of both new and earlier generations–.i.e. a wood storage space at the bottom and a baking shelf that has a soapstone slab as standard equipment. But it has the latest in air flow and combustion control. It has no ash pan or shaker grate because combustion is so efficient that little ash is left to need an ash pan. The “optimal heat output” is rated at 17 kBTU, more than the Gabo, Vola, or Pina. It can be installed on a turntable. (Note: Turntables require a three-foot clearance all around.)

The Rondo is offered in steel, either gray or black. A soapstone top plate is an optional extra. It can be either top or rear vented.

  • Stove exterior 19 1/3 x 19 1/3 x 40 1/2
  • Firebox interior 13 1/5 x 11 2/5 x 13 3/5
  • Weight 308 lbs
  • Soapstone Top Plate 55 lbs
  • Stove black or gray steel with soapstone baking compartment shelf $4,610.00
  • Stove black or gray steel with soapstone top and baking compartment shelf $5,180.00
  • Turn table system $495.00