Raco Recessed 18 Cubic-Inch Round Floor Box

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Product: Raco Recessed 18 Cubic-Inch Round Floor Box
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Raco

Raco 6239NI 18 Cubic Inch Round Wood Floor Box

Raco round, recessed floor box is used for residential, wood sub-floor applications. The product features a tamper-resistant 15A duplex receptacle. The receptacle is recessed minimizing plug intrusion, allowing furniture to be located over the plug. Accessibility to make adjustments to the height after the box is mounted. Completed instructions are supplied with the product.

  • Removable neoprene gaskets allow for independent use of either side of the receptacle with the cover closed
  • Can be used for power/data
  • Back and side knockouts for proper wiring access
  • Nickel plated cover with pre-assembled flange