Rack + Table (Brass)

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Product: Rack + Table (Brass)
Retailer: L'Arco Baleno
  • Rack + Table (Brass)
  • By: Muller Van Severen
  • Producer: Muller Van Severen
  • Gallery: Gallery Valerie Traan
  • Edition: Open Edition
  • Signature: Signed and Numbered
  • Material: Brass, Polyethylene
  • Design Date: 2011
  • Production Date: Made to Order
  • Dimensions: 190 x 180 x 45 cm

Rack + Table (Brass) unites a shelf and a table in one streamlined composition.  With its simple brass structure and cheerful multicolored shelves made from industrial polyethylene, the unexpected blend of materials creates an appealing piece that is minimal in form but maximal in usability.

Since Muller Van Severen launched their foray into furniture design, the trend-setting couple has garnered international attention for the originality of their work. In 2013, the London Design Museum nominated their latest collection, Future Primitives, for the Design of the Year Award.