Punkt. AC 01 Alarm Clock

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Product: Punkt. AC 01 Alarm Clock
Retailer: Design Public
Designer: Jasper Morrison
brand: Punkt.

Punkt. AC 01 Alarm Clock

Punkt. AC 01 offers you the pleasure of going back to the traditional alarm clock for everyday use. Why have your cell phone sitting on your night-table, when you can be woken up by a superb design object such as the AC 01? No radiation emissions, no unwanted calls in the middle of the night; just the pleasure of trusting your sleeping hours to a wonderfully simple object that, thanks to its extraordinary simplicity, will delight you every time you wake up to it.

Materials : Solid aluminum, scratch-resistant glass.

Features : 3 IEC LR44 Watch Batteries (included) – average life one-year. Two batteries power the single LED Light (cold white). Third battery is dedicated to the alarm, independent of the light batteries. Snooze function: Alarm sound repeats every 5 minutes until 40 minutes of functioning. Gift boxed.