Pressed Glass Bowl Wall Lights

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Product: Pressed Glass Bowl Wall Lights
Retailer: Haus London
Designer: Tom Dixon
A glass pendant made with industrial processes.
The Pressed Glass Light Bowl is created by compressing molten glass into a hollow mould which is then annealed in a kiln to form a robust object. The production process does not allow for intervention, and so small variations such as tiny air bubbles often occur within the finished product. 
These lights show all of the beauty and honesty of industrial components. They are exceptionally hardwearing, dense and satisfyingly heavy.
Pressed Glass Bowl is also available in a pendant version. The Pressed Glass pendant collection also includes models ‘Lens’ and ‘Tube’.
Depth 13cm x 20cm diameter
E27 (large screw) Clear bulb included. (Not mirrored bulb as shown, due to manufacturer update).