Premium Grade Entry Mortise Lock

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Product: Premium Grade Entry Mortise Lock
Color: Black, Gold, Silver

2.5″ Backset, Knob/Lever, Premium Grade Entry Mortise Lock

Premium grade, heavy duty, entry mortise lock for knob to knob or lever to lever entry sets. Select a “Knob” version if lock is to be used with entry trim featuring door knobs, or select “Lever” if the trim has levers.

Given our relationships with hundreds of suppliers worldwide, including the best lock manufacturers, we had a tremendous selection of locks to choose from when deciding on our entry grade mortise lock. Relying on decades of experience with locks, we selected what we think is the finest entry grade mortise lock on the market, offering the best combination of quality, value, and security.

Our 901M and 901P, premium grade, entry mortise locks are designed for use with all of our entry sets. They are engineered for durability and optimum security. They are built from parts machined to exact tolerances from the finest materials available. Features include:

  • UL Approved
  • Field reversible. The locks are easily field reversible. With a simple screwdriver, the locks can be converted from left to right or right to left in under a minute with no need to open the case or have any experience with locks. Detailed instructions are included with the locks, outlining the simple procedure.
  • A full, 1″ throw deadbolt made from solid, forged brass with two hardened steel, anti-saw inserts.
  • Solid, forged brass anti-friction latch with anti-friction trigger which allow the latch to close smoothly and quietly.
  • Auxiliary latch that depresses when the door is closed, locking the main latch. This prevents depression of the latch when the door is closed and makes it impossible to use something like a credit card to slip the latch open.
  • Just like the original entry mortise locks found early 20th century homes, the lock has solid, forged brass stop and release buttons on the face to lock and unlock the exterior thumb latch or knob/lever and allow/disallow entry without a key.
  • Heavy, hand finished, solid brass faceplate over heavy duty armored front.
  • Heavy duty armored front fully adjustable for door bevel.
  • Universal Knob hub that is 7.3 mm (3/8″) broached on the diamond and 7 mm broached on the square.
  • Heavy duty lock case constructed from quality steel and coated for to prevent corrosion.
  • Emergency Egress function, allowing exit by simply turning knob or lever which will simultaneously retract both latch and deadbolt.