Prairie House Blocks

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Product: Prairie House Blocks
Retailer: Froebel USA
brand: Red Hen Toys

Prairie House Blocks

FroebelUSA is proud to offer this architectural block set based on the Froebel Blocks, The inspiration for this Prairie House set comes from the work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Educated with the Froebel Kindergarten method, Wright acknowledged the influence of his Froebel education on his architecture and established a Froebel Kindergarten for his own children and those of his neighbors. His mother provided these blocks to him at an early age in the hopes that he might one day become an architect. Even as an adult, Wright often used the Froebel blocks as a scratch pad during the design process. In fact, archival photographs of an April 1914 exhibition of his work show a model of a generic Prairie School building constructed of wooden blocks.