Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating

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Product: Portable Electric Radiant Floor Heating
Retailer: CozyWinters.com

Like an electric blanket for your floor, RugHeat is the only portable heating system in the world approved for use under area rugs. RugHeat is an innovative heating system that turns area rugs into “invisible” space heaters and lets you stay warm and keep your sense of style.

Perfect for your family room, play rooms, bedrooms, that cold room over your garage, basements, and more. Great for yoga and stretching exercises, too!

Prices range from $149.00 to $299.00

3' x 2' 65w/0.54 amps/222 BTU's
2' x 7.5' Runner 165w/1.38 amps/563 BTU's
3' x 5' 165w/1.38 amps/563 BTU's
5' x 7' 370w/3.08 amps/1262 BTU's
5.5' x 8' 470w/3.92 amps/1604 BTU's