Porcelain Donut Coffee Dripper

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Product: Porcelain Donut Coffee Dripper
Retailer: Rakuten

ドーナツドリッパー is the commitment was made towards light and refreshing fragrance of coffee coffee maker to solid dark.

ドー ナツドリッパー is a smaller mouth compared to regular coffee dripper, heights, so turned suddenly Dripper angle. Dripper inside when you put the coffee powder this layer is usually thicker and the growing number of tangent exit until the hot water was poured coffee granules.

Coffee outlet holes are great at one thing. This allows coffee extraction speed was a natural state with the size of grains of coffee and paper. Gradually behind is to avoid strenuous Dripper wall, falls under the water and to hold the paper.

Added flavor with more features, are characteristics of the beans in the ER is a refreshing and honest and easy-to-drink coffee feel the caffeine was not a moderate.