Pom Pom Yellow Throw Blanket

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Product: Pom Pom Yellow Throw Blanket
brand: Sarl Honore
Designer: Sarl Honore
Retailer: The Dark Room
Color: Yellow

Sarl Honore is an interior design company from Marseille, the South of France, where they also have their own boutique. They stand out because of their uniquely designed and intricately crafted products, which are manufactured by experienced artisans in the Nort of Africa.

This chunky woven throw is made of 100% wool and has slightly contrasting light and darker yellow yarns, creating a textured and detailed look.

The allure of this throw lies in its versatily, as it is cosy enough to be used as a blanket or a throw, but is also perfectly suitable as a wall-hanging or a carpet in a low traffic area. The pompoms are a charming added detail, which makes this excellently crafted throw a one-of-a-kind piece which you'll be proud to grace your home.