Polka Dots Cushion Cover

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Product: Polka Dots Cushion Cover
Color: Blue
Retailer: Shilpa Rathi
Designer: Shilpa Rathi

SHILPA RATHI Wild Indigo cushion covers are hand block printed with 100% Vegetable dyes on 100% Pure cotton, in a rigorous and labor intensive process where each fabric panel is washed, boiled, steamed & sun-dried about 10 to 12 times depending on its design. Our accent cushion covers will add a luxurious feel to your decor. Add a dash of color with one cushion cover, or mix and match designs and colors to change up your decor in a creative, eco-friendly way.

  • Design: Polka Dots
  • Color: Indigo
  • Size: 18í—18″