Platebowlcup Table Set

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Product: Platebowlcup Table Set
Retailer: A R
brand: Alessi
Designer: Jasper Morrison
Color: White

Jasper Morrison always strives to pare an item to its honest essence, and his tableware collection for Alessi hit the mark. Individually or collectively, these pure white dishes, bowls and cups convey a truth of good design, it’s a blend of form and function. The Italian heritage house tapped Jasper to fashion a line of cutlery, porcelain and glass services with uncompromised quality–at a price as accessible as it is sophisticatedly simple design. No wonder it became an instant modern classic when it bowed in 2004. “This is all you need to set out a great daily table,” says the British designer, who intentionally kindles a sense of familiarity or “super normality” with his work. His unassuming ethos extends to his shop and studio in the northern London area of Shoreditch, minimal down to its discreet black door. Platebowlcup perfectly accompanies Jasper’s KnifeForkSpoon cutlery.

  • Dining Plate: 10.8″ dia
  • Soup Bowl: 8.6″ dia
  • Side Plate: 7.9″ dia
  • Dessert Bowl: 5.5″ dia/17 fl oz
  • Mug 5.9″ d/10.1 fl oz
  • Oval Serving Plate 14.2″ w x 9.8″ d
  • Salad Serving Bowl Small 8.2″ d/50.7 fl oz
  • Salad Serving Bowl Large 10.2″ d/111.1 fl oz

Prices start at $38.00

  • Tableware: Sold as set of 4
  • Serving Dishes: Sold individually
  • Material: Porcelain