Pile-Poile Clock

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Product: Pile-Poile Clock
Designer: Thierry Bataille

Pile-Poile by Thierry Bataille

Pile-Poile is a creation of the Belgian designer Thierry Bataille. This clock is placed on a wall without having to drill a hole to hang it. You can position it wherever you want: in a lounge, a kitchen, an office… thanks to its long ‘ legs’, Pile-Poile remains always stable. The ‘legs’ are made of stainless steel and fit into the wood face.
The dimensions of the clock face are intrinsically linked to the multiples of three, cf the relationship between the three cardinal points 3, 6, 9, 12… The modern Swiss mechanism ensures a correct time indication. Works on 1 AA battery of 1,5V.

Prices range from 169.00 Euros to 189.00 Euros.