Piana Folding Chair

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Product: Piana Folding Chair
brand: Alessi

As the architect for Dolce and Gabbana Stores, the Museum of Modern Literature in Germany and countless other projects, it’s hard to find an architecture prize that David Chipperfield hasn’t won. His most recent honor was the 2011 RIBA Royal Gold Metal for Architecture, given in recognition of a lifetime of work, and approved personally by Her Majesty the Queen. He describes his Piana Chair (2011) as possessing a “visual expression that is indicative in its simplicity of the function and role of the item itself.” (Translation: It’s an awesome folding chair that looks like an awesome folding chair.) With no visible hardware, the three parts of the chair rotate around a single axis and the finely engineered mechanism is concealed within the chair. The Piana folds completely flat for stacking horizontally or hanging on the Wall Hook (the Hook holds up to four chairs). Suitable for outdoor use. Made in Italy.

Materials: Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene with anti-slip matte finish; polypropylene feet in colors to match chair. WALL HOOK, white powder-coated steel.