Peter Ivy Glassware

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Product: Peter Ivy Glassware
Color: Clear
Designer: Peter Ivy
Retailer: Tortoise

On our trip for Japan in September, we fell in love with this beautiful glassware. The description said Peter Ivy (USA) so we abondanded to contact him even though we really wished we could have carried his pieces at our store becuase of its simplicity and sensibility. Then a couple days later, our close friend in Tokyo who owns a store called Source and also writes about Peter's glass as his favorite piece, gave us his jar on my birthday by coinsidence and we found out the fact that he is from US but now lives in Toyama prefecture with his Japanese wife and two children! We got excited enough to contact him right away and about 10 days later we already visited his studio in Toyama!

We have limited numbers in inventory and once it is back ordered, please wait for 1-2 month. Thank you in advance.

glass cup old fashion $45ea : approximately 3.5 dia x 3″ h (size varies +-1″)
glass cup tumbler $60ea : approximately 3″ dia x 5.5 h (size varies +- 1″)

container w/lid S $90 : 4.25″ dia x 3.5″ h
container w/lid M $110 : 5″ dia x 4″h
container w/lid L $120 : 5.5″ dia x 4.5″ h

The coffee jar w/wire $190 (3.5″ dia x 5.5″ h)
The pasta jar w/wire $275 (3.5″ dia x 11″ h)
The chubby jar w/wire M $300 (6″ dia x 6″ h)
The chubby jar w/wire L $325 (7″ dia x 8″ h)