‘Pata Negra’ Double-Gauge Steel Paella Pan

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Product: ‘Pata Negra’ Double-Gauge Steel Paella Pan
Retailer: La Tienda

This pan will not fit in a normal oven. We recommend ordering a paella burner and tripod as well.

Our Pata Negra pans are professional grade, double gauge steel. This helps distribute the heat evenly and stops warping that can occur with other pans. This pan can stand up to hundreds of uses!

This size pan is large enough for a paella for 8 people. It is the traditional carbon steel paella pan that Spaniards have used for centuries – except even more durable. The dimpled pan bottom distributes heat evenly.

As you cook with this paella pan it will become seasoned: changing color and absorbing flavors of each paella as you cook with it.

To care for the pan, wash it by hand and coat it with a a neutral oil like sunflower oil to stop rust. If it does rust, simply scrub it with steel wool.

  • Double gauge for long life
  • Hand wash and season with oil for care
  • *Pan will not fit in a standard oven
  • Made in Valencia
  • Size – 18 inch/45 cm