Parisian Pink – Primary Stain

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Product: Parisian Pink – Primary Stain
Retailer: Hannants
brand: Hannants
Color: Pink

Parisian Pink – Primary Stain

Sizes Available (Coverage 10 sq Metres per Litre):

  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Litre
  • 20 Litre

This water based wood stain is designed to colour the wood, it then requires a top coat of oil, lacquer or wax to finish the job.

These wood stains are made from the finest natural ingredients from around the world, to give quality colour pigement to the stains. This enhances the natural wood grain structure and depth of penetration. This is opposed to lesser quality pigments that leave the wood with a washed out zebra effect finish.

The hard and soft grain form the pattern in soft woods and pine, the soft grain makes up the majority of the wood content. Lower quality stains create a reverse negative effect that can be magnified once the top coat has been applied to give a bad finish.

Before applying the full treatment over the entire area, always try it in a small test area to confirm the desired results. Pay particular care and attention to the cut ends of the wood areas, these area tend to absorb more creating tide marks on the surface of the timber. Even though we have fully researched and tested these application areas, care still needs to be taken.