Parachuter Bag

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Product: Parachuter Bag
Color: Black, Brown

The Parachuter Bag is our most innovative bag design. It is a contemporary backpack that features the best of traditional construction techniques with the finest quality leather. The bag features robust bridle leather and traditional chunky stitching details. Honest and hardwearing, it will provide a very fulfilling life of travel.

A selection of sizes, all within current European cabin baggage dimensions are available. The Parachuter is extremely comfortable to wear as the concave shape fits satisfyingly against your back. The shoulder straps bind in front of your chest for a secure fit if you have to run to your flight. Easy to wear for long periods, leaving your hands free for other activities. A great travelling companion – going through the airport or exploring at your destination.

A truly novel design of timeless character, this backpack has received reviews on style websites around the world.., etc.