Papier d’Armenie – 1900 Box with 12 Books

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Product: Papier d’Armenie – 1900 Box with 12 Books
Retailer: The Line

Papier d’Armenie is an indoor fragrance that takes the form of paper for burning: each strip is infused with sweet, warm, and woody notes evocative of the Far East. The distinctive vanilla scent is that of benzoin resin, long beloved for its antiseptic, deodorizing, healing, and calming properties. This set, tucked inside a limited-edition box that reproduces the packaging from 1900, contains a dozen booklets, for a total of 432 strips. Having been soaked, dried, and pressed in a craft process, each burns slowly and without a flame.

  • Material :12 booklets, each with 36 perfumed paper strips
  • Origin :Made in France
  • Box: 4.75 inches x 3.25 inches x 0.63 inch
  • Strip: 3 inches x 2 inches