Paperback Bookshelf

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Product: Paperback Bookshelf
Designer: Studio Parade
Retailer: Suite New York

Designer : Studio Parade

Year Designed :2010

Description : Paperback

Available In : Modular wall-mounted organizational system consisting of one solid wall panel and thirteen horizontal slides. Three slides feature an extra tab, which sticks out to provide space for larger books or objects.

White laminate finish is made of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and bonded with heat and pressure, resulting in an extremely strong and durable surface.

Paperback can be used as a small, big or even wall to wall system.

Specs : Modular units may be combined to create custom shapes and sizes.

Each modular unit:
Paperback : 47.2″w 23.6″h
Paperback Small : 23.6″w 23.6″h

Each shelf has a depth of 4.6″, larger tabs have a depth of 8.4″