Paper Basket Teak

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Product: Paper Basket Teak
Retailer: Tortoise

These paper baskets were originally designed about 30 years ago as export merchandise for American market. 
The light brown basket looks like teak wood but this material is plywood of a kind of natural wood which is stained in 6 tones of brown and laid out to look like teak. Dark one is walnut veneer.

Saito Wood was established in 1950 by the late Isamu Saito. Originally he produced custom-made furniture and baseball bats. In 1957, around the time that Charles and Ray Eames began experimenting with bent wood, the company founded the Saito plywood Polytechnic Institute. They soon began selling a small line of simple pieces. Some of the pieces from this original line are still in production today.

  • S – 10″ dia. x 12″ h
  • L – 11″ dia. x 15.5″ h

The Large & Small are for $65.00 & $100.00 resp.