Oyster Culture

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Product: Oyster Culture
Retailer: Cameron Books
Designer: Gwendolyn Meyer

Oyster Culture looks at the rich intersection between oyster farming and culinary culture in this unique habitat in Northern California, which has remained relatively pristine due to conservation measures and agricultural land trusts. In this foggy landscape, farmers must navigate the sometimes tenuous relationships between their industry and the interests of the public, federally protected lands that surround many oyster farming sites. Despite these challenges, oyster farming in West Marin has thrived as a sustainable industry, providing an important food source to both local and distant markets. Oyster Culture includes local history, stories and anecdotes from the people who work the watery terroir, and distinct recipes from the region’s chefs. Seventy-four black-and-white and color photographs enrich the story This product is available for advanced purchase. Coming in June!