Oversized Knit Pouf

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Product: Oversized Knit Pouf
Retailer: Dana's Joy

Oversized Knit Pouf in Dark Gray – Extra Small

There's a new baby in the family!

This little ottoman is just right for two tired feet, or would be brilliant as a perch for toddlers.
Knit with strips of a jersey knit rayon blend, it's not at all fuzzy, rather, a clean, sculptural, and textural accent piece.

This tiny pouf, a dark, sumptuous blue-gray, measures about 14″ in diameter and 8″ in height. Knit on gigantic custom made knitting needles, it is stuffed with fabric scraps salvaged from a local textile manufacturer. It is definitely firm enough for sitting, and children love them, so it's perfect for nurseries and homes with little ones!