Outdoor Clothesline Pulley Kit

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Product: Outdoor Clothesline Pulley Kit
Retailer: eZoetic

Clothesline kit with everything you need to start drying your clothes with solar power! The clothesline pulleys are die cast with zinc to provide a superior engineered product that will not rust.

There are three types of pulleys. (1) Regular Zinc is the zinc-plated rivet economy model. (2) Ball Bearings which consist of two permanently lubricated ball bearings in each wheel. This is the smoothest and longest spinning pulley. (3) Nylon Bearings consists of two nylon bushing in each wheel to assist in the spinning of the pulley.

Manufactured and assembled in Canada for over 60 years!

Clothesline Benefits:
Clothes last longer
Clothes and sheets smell better
Save energy and reduce pollution
Save money

Each kit Includes:
2 zinc pulleys
2 hooks
1 clothesline wire
1 line tightener
1 line divider