Otsukimi Bowl

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Product: Otsukimi Bowl
Designer: Misa Kumabuchi
Retailer: OEN
Color: White

This is a beautiful Otsukimi bowl made by Mushimegane Books that comes in a white colour. It's quite stunning with it being so pure and has a nice presence when sat in a room.

Tsukimi or Otsukimi, literally moon-viewing, refers to Japanese festivals honouring the autumn moon. As a tradition the Japanese offer up food, such as sweet potatoes and chestnuts, and this is partly where this ceramic piece has derived from, or shall I say has been inspired from.

It's a wonderful shape that almost looks like the moon from above and has a luminous look to it, as the light shines you see all the different textures and the outer wall nearly becomes see-through. Suitable for both functional and decorative use.

Approx Measurements: 5.5cm in height x 14cm in diameter