Orkney Table Cloth

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Product: Orkney Table Cloth
Color: Natural, White
Retailer: Rough Linen

The charm of Orkney is its texture, which comes from the old looms, whose maximum width is 58″. The advantage of the more finely woven Smooth linen is its 118″ width, so it makes a flowing, full tablecloth for virtually any size table.

Both are simple and elegant. Orkney always has deep hems, Smooth Linen can also come with the raw edge much loved by stylists, and a pintuck 3″ in. Layer the two fabrics for extra finish, the smooth undercloth longer than the textured overcloth by 3″ to 5″ all round.

Tables vary in width and length, but the drop should not be less than 8″, and generally not more than 15″– a practical length, as it is too short to sit on! 10″ to 12″ is usual.

For wider tables and rounds I can extend Orkney by seaming in quadrants, far smarter and more tailored than side panels – think of a hot cross bun. Round tablecloths have a stabilized raw edge rather than a hem.

Orkney Natural or White

  • square 58″ wide x 58″
  • long 58″ wide x 108″

Smooth Natural or White

  • small 60″ wide x 60″
  • medium 72″ wide x 118″
  • large 90″ wide x 144″

Prices range from $130.00 to $200.00