Orkney Natural & White Curtains

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Product: Orkney Natural & White Curtains
Retailer: Rough Linen

It’s ironic that I who am focused on simplicity should be one of the few in the US who can make a lambequin, lined and interlined curtains with handmade headings, Italian stringing, inserts, appliqu├ęs, borders and valances. My heart always belongs to the elementals though: simple linen curtains, unlined, moving in a soft breeze. Hypnotic …

When my ancient white linen curtains finally ended in shreds I made Orkney curtains (photo left). A visiting friend bought them right off my window and I replaced them with St Barts Striped curtains – in natural and white, about as fancy as I get (photo way down below).

Later, much to my surprise, designer Kelley Motschenbacher bought Smooth White Linen sheets and made them into curtains and took some great photos.

Prices range from $160.00 to $220.00