Orion Globe Illuminated Tabletop

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Product: Orion Globe Illuminated Tabletop
Retailer: Ultimate Globes

Replogle Orion Globe 12-inch Illuminated Tabletop

You’ve never seen a world globe quite like the Orion 12″ Black Ocean Illuminated World Globe by Replogle. This little beauty may be smaller than floor standing globes, but it certainly packs a aesthetic punch!

You’ll love the way this gorgeous globe looks in your library, home or office. Featuring a beautifully smooth, jet black ocean and brightly colored continents and countries, this globe’s unique mapping takes it to a whole new level. It also features a stainless steel base and a matching die cast metal semi meridian, giving it an exceptionally stunning look while still keeping its essential functionality.

The Orion 12″ Black Ocean Illuminated World Globe by Replogle stands a full 16.5″ tall and features political boundaries and illumination that can be turned on with just the simple flip of a switch. Never before has viewing the Earth and the world we live in been easier than this! Easy to read, white place names and points of interest stand out against the black oceans, making this striking world globe as fun to learn from as it is beautifully artistic.

At such an incredible value, it makes a great gift to any geographical enthusiast, or let it take center stage in your home or office.