Origami Star Christmas Ornament Set

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Product: Origami Star Christmas Ornament Set
Retailer: Paperiaarre

Origami Star Christmas Ornament Set of 3 Made of Vintage Book Pages

Set of three five-pointed origami star ornaments made of discarded vintage book pages.

  • diameter of each star is approx. 6cm or 2 1/3″
  • hanging loop is natural linen thread
  • packaged in sets of 3 using vellum and kraft paper, held together with a bow of linen thread
  • discounted price for 2 or more sets; for quantities over 6, please drop me a line and I’ll make you a custom listing
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: vintage book pages, linen thread

These little stars are made of an old genetics book. Like them because they’re made of science, or like them because I’ve destroyed some science, either one is fine by me. I’m not so happy about these stars being destroyed at the slightest tug, so I reinforced the point where the hanging loop is threaded through.