Organic Bibb Lettuce

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Product: Organic Bibb Lettuce
Retailer: Williams-Sonoma

This gourmet lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is prized for its rich, buttery flavor. Serve it in salads or sandwiches, braise the cup-shaped leaves or use them as wraps for savory fillings. The plant produces an ongoing harvest of delicate loose leaves up to 8″ long throughout the growing season.

  • Organic.
  • Cool-season annual.
  • Appropriate for all growing zones.
  • Suitable for container or ground planting.
  • Requires full sun.
  • Grows to 8″ high, 12″ wide.
  • 45 days to harvest.
  • Open pollinator.
  • 8″-high plant ships in a 4″ diam. nursery pot, wrapped in burlap and tied with a ribbon.
  • Agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to HI.
  • Planting: Plant in full sun at a depth of 4″; space 15″ apart.
  • Watering: Provide regular water.
  • Harvesting: Cut leaves as needed, and the plant will continue producing throughout the growing season. If plant sends up flower stalks in response to hot weather, harvest the whole plant before it goes to seed; otherwise leaves will become bitter.