Oregano Herb

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Product: Oregano Herb

Every gardener knows that herb gardening requires a good, solid oregano in the mix. We pride ourselves on our culinary herb plants, and this variety has been a solid choice for years.

Greek Oregano is the true oregano from the mountains of Greece. This culinary herb is very hardy. Considered one of the more flavorful Oreganos, Greek Oregano (like its Italian cousin) is the spice that makes your mouth water for pizza and other great Italian dishes. A wonderful spice for soups, sauces, and marinades. Chop and mix Greek Oregano with garlic, salt and olive oil making a great marinade and use it on poultry or pork. Use fresh leaves on your homemade pizza.

Medicinally, Oregano tea is used to aide in digestion and Oregano oils are used as a cough expectorant as well as to help bring on menstruation.