Porcelain Driftwood Spoon

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Product: Porcelain Driftwood Spoon
Designer: Linda Fahey
Retailer: LJF Ceramics

The price is PER PIECE -Made for both special occasion and every day use. A truly unique item hand made by me, I find the driftwood on the beaches where I live. I am a surfer/paddleboarder and so these pieces reflect my lifestyle. I live on the coast and collecting driftwood is a daily pastime.

Each spoon is hand shaped out of porcelain, the driftwood is sanded, and the wood treated for longevity.

Hand washing is recommended.

Depending on the size of the order there is a 2-8 week turnaround time.
Each spoon is different they average 6″ – 8″ long – the spoon anywhere from teaspoon to tablespoon in size.