Oneida Waiter’s Corkscrew

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Product: Oneida Waiter’s Corkscrew
Retailer: Amazon
brand: Oneida

Say goodbye to the disappointment of broken corks and put physics to work by effortlessly redirecting your pulling force through the clever engineering of Oneida’s waiter’s corkscrew. Oneida barware sports a classic look, reflecting the intrinsic aesthetic pleasures that come from fixing a mixed drink with elegant, hand-polished tools of the trade. Accuracy and style are the trademarks of a superior home mixologist, and both are more easily procured with the proper accouterments.

  • Fold-away foil-cutter blade for poping wine corks and de-cap bottles
  • Made of hand polished stainless steel to prevent tarnish or corrosion
  • Measures 4-inch long when folded
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Comes with Comes with a lifetime warranty