Olive Topiaries

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Product: Olive Topiaries
Retailer: FreshTopiary

Olive Topiary 4-Pack, 3 inch Clay Pot

Botanical Name: Olea

Light: Your tree will enjoy light as bright as possible, but avoid excess heat which will dry out the soil too quickly. A location that provides morning sun or filtered light throughout the day is ideal.

Water: Water daily, through hot spells and in the summer heat. Every other day is sufficient in the spring and fall. In the winter you should keep the plant moist, watering only when the soil is dry to the touch. A well-balanced organic liquid fertilizer can be applied every two weeks. Your local nursery will have an appropriate liquid food available.

Temperature: Keep the tree from extreme cold temperatures in a bright location throughout the winter. Depending on your location, you can leave it outside in a frost free area, or in a bright warm room if freezing temperatures occur.

Hardiness: USDA Zone 7 or Zone 9 if in pots.