NY Chair by Takeshi Nii

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Product: NY Chair by Takeshi Nii
Color: Gray, Orange
Designer: Takeshi Nii
Retailer: YLiving

NY Chair by Takeshi Nii

Design Year: 1958.

Designer Takeshi Nii named the “NY Chair” after his family name Nii, and also the Danish word for “new” or “fresh”. The designer's passion for chairs began when he saw a director's chair in a magazine before WWII. While repeating tests for functional chairs, Nii saw a beautiful chair with a fabric seat from Denmark. Inspired by these chairs, Nii produced this folding chair (designed in 1958) which won numerous awards and later became a permanent feature at MOMA in 1970.

This versatile chair tucks away on a whim, folding to just 5″ in width for storage in the smallest of spaces.