Noon Design Studio’s Cashmere Blankets

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Product: Noon Design Studio’s Cashmere Blankets

Our scrumptious, super soft cashmere blankets are a blend of modernism, fine art and craft.  Each one is woven from hand-twisted cashmere yarns that are too irregular for knitting and weaving equipment, and therefore considered dead stock in the apparel industry.  The yarns come from a woman’s co-op in Afghanistan where the women raise the goats, comb the fibers and spin the yarns.  

We collaborate in design, colors and weaving structures with fine artist Christy Matson for all blankets.  We love the irregularity of the yarns and they work perfectly with her process.

The warp is linen deadstock from a denim company in Los Angeles that we hand dye with walnut before threading on the loom.

Each cashmere yarn is hand-dyed with natural dyes in our studio in downtown LA.  We use special techniques that can take hours or even days of time to make each color unique. We then pass it off to Christy who weaves it on one of the only hand-operated Jacquard looms in southern California.  

Each blanket takes about one month to produce and we will do not make the same blanket twice.