Nonjetable Adaptable Bed

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Product: Nonjetable Adaptable Bed
Color: Light Wood
Designer: Meri Von Renteln

Magic bed

This beautiful bed is in natural white birch waxed ; it comprises a whole set of furniture for children from 3 years up to adolescence … and even older!

The three large storage areas (in total more than 330 litres of volume) can also be used for other purposes – the two side chests can serve as bedside tables, and the chest at the end of the bed can serve as either a bench or a table :
– drawers on wheels.
– drawers plates are light and easy to raise up.
– folding springer with slats in birch plywood.

This end chest can also be used to transform the baby-size bed (90 x 150cm) into a junior-size bed (90 x 200cm), adding a little mattress close to the baby mattress.

The bed head has an extra panel at the side which prevents the child from falling out of bed and gives him a feeling of security; the bed head comes apart easily, so you can decide where to place it depending on the bed’s position in the room.

This bed is an all-in-one – bed, storage and play area for the child. Simple and stylish, it will please your children just as much as it pleases you!

– Easy to take care (water and Marseille soap),
– High resistance,
– 100% ecological.