Neutra House Numbers

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Product: Neutra House Numbers
Designer: Richard Neutra
Color: Silver

Neutra House Numbers – Aluminum

DWR Design Studio worked with Dion Neutra to produce these numbers true to the 1930s originals, in exacting detail. His father and business partner, architect Richard Neutra, specified these numbers for use on the mid-century buildings he designed.

  • Precision crafted in weather- and corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • Each number weighs half a pound and installs without visible hardware.
  • Designed for visibility, these numbers measure 4″ tall and float approximately .75″ off the wall to cast subtle shadows.
  • Bead-blasted extruded aluminum finish further enhances visibility.
  • Each number comes with mounting hardware, extensive installation instructions and a full-scale drilling template that eliminates any guesswork during installation.

Materials : Bead-blasted extruded aluminum; stainless steel threaded rods; aluminum spacers.