Nesting Tray Set

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Product: Nesting Tray Set
Color: Black, Gray, White
Designer: Shelley Martin
Retailer: VitrifiedStudio

This is a straight edged three pieced nesting tray set. These make nice simple display set when they are not in use. Great for the coffee table, the dining table, office, or bedroom. unglazed exposed clay on the exterior, and gloss glaze on the inside and top rim. glazed on the base to rim on the exterior when white porcelain is selected.

approximate sizes-
extra large dish: 9″ diameter x 1.75″ height.
large 7.5″ x 1.5″.
small 4″ x 1.25″

available in black:black, black:white brown:grey, sand:grey, white:white, and white:grey colorways.