Nesta Rug

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Product: Nesta Rug
Color: Cream, Gray

Kick off your shoes and take a walk over the Nesta Rug (2010). Luxuriously soft, this handmade shag rug feels wonderful underfoot, offering a warmth and textural counterpoint to any residential or commercial setting. Made from undyed grey or cream wool, it has a neutral coloration that, with its generous 3″ shag, will be quietly noticed and appreciated. Each tentacle of the Nesta is twisted by hand, and the edges are handbound, creating a notably high-quality floor covering for the price. Nesta’s manufacturer is a member of Rugmark, which ensures that the rug is manufactured in a socially responsible manner. The global nonprofit organization is fighting to end child labor and improve educational opportunities for children in India, Pakistan and Nepal. Nesta may shed and have slight inconsistencies in edging, traits that are consistent with handcraftsmanship. Made in India.

Prices range from $1060.00 to $1500.00