Nautical Front Doormat and Rope Rugs

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Product: Nautical Front Doormat and Rope Rugs

Here is the perfect gift for the bride and groom – this mat will last years. Perfect for a new married couple – watch it weather and change, as it becomes a part of the family.

This nautical themed door mat is made of 1/2′ Manila. It makes an attractive welcome for your guests. It is the classic Ocean Mat style. The Ocean Mat has been weaved by many a sailor, for many a deck and for many a year!

These mats are weaved by hand in my workshop, in my log cabin in the Canadian woods. I love the smell of this rope, it takes you to a summer day on a boat. Each mat is slightly different, they all have a mind of their own and I love to see their final knot.

This mat will swell when you first put it out in the rain and then can be scrubbed, hosed down and is a rough and tough front door mat. I love mine!!!!

Different sizes available.

This Ocean Mat is approx 29 by 17 inches. This mat has 100ft of rope within it. I also have a larger size listed.